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The Gramps Need Your Help

HealthLink Initiative asks for your support in giving seniors on restrictive income the option for alternative care.  While most insurance policies cover integrative care, Medicare covers very little.  As seniors need this the most, it doesn’t really make sense.

Alternative, complimentary, or functional medicine provides whole body care that can help with aches and pains that come as we grow older.  Conventional medicine uses palliative care and can dispense pharmaceutical drugs, but that shouldn’t be the only option.

As number 7 of the top ten most important public health problems today according to the CDC is “nutrition, physical activity and obesity“, whole body care is clearly needed.  As number 3 is  “healthcare-associated infections“, and number 8 is “prescription drub overdose“, then it makes even more sense for non-conventional medical options.

Most seniors are on a very limited budget and need choices in treatment.  HealthLink Initiative is committed to helping them get that care.

HLI charity wants to provide aids and care to in-need seniors.   Please donate today to help us do that.  Many grandmas and grandpas will be grateful.


Additional Ways To Give

Set HealthLink Initiative (Plano, TX) as your charity on and Amazon will donate a small percent to our charity with every sale.  Thanks for your support!

Shop or sell and support HealthLink Initiative on eBay. Add us as your Favorite charity on eBay to see us as your preferred charity in eBay checkout. You will also be able to easily donate a portion of your proceeds to us when you sell on eBay AND get some of your seller fees waived and receive the tax credits. The eBay for Charity platform makes it all happen! Visit our charity page today and be part of a growing eBay community that has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities.