Geri’s Kitchen Table

HealthLink Initiative launches “Geri’s Kitchen Table” initiative

Supporting the importance of a good meal and a helping hand.

Named after my grandmother who always made sure everyone got a hug, a smile, and plenty to eat with a fresh cooked meal ready when we visited.  She took care of us and in her honor, we aim to help take care of others.

HealthLink Initiative launched a new program to support seniors during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says seniors and those with preexisting conditions are high risk and should stay at home.  While most everyone is experiencing a financial crisis at this time, these individuals are experiencing an even greater level of fear in getting out to get food and essentials to live.  HLI is committed to helping by easing this burden through supplemental efforts.

A few of the strategies we are employing are:

  • Providing Gift cards for groceries and essentials
  • Supporting local food pantries
  • Co-paying for medical equipment like wheelchairs, grab bars, shower stools, and more
  • Contributions to Amazon wish accounts