Moody Family Needs Your Help

HealthLink Initiative asks for your support for the Moody family.  Belkis Moody, wife of author and co-founder of the Authors’ Round Table Society, John M. Moody, has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma.  HLI has contributed through their GoFundMe page and asks anyone who would like to help, to please donate as well.

West, Texas Rebuild Project

On April 17th, 2013, West, a small Texas town near HLI experienced a devastating event. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected. We are saddened by the tragic deaths of so many, hurting for the survivors who have to endure, and are inspired by the heroic efforts of so many.

Three of the schools have been heavily damaged, emergency vehicles have been destroyed, homes have been completely lost. While we can only offer prayers for the families affected by the blast, we can do this small thing of collecting funds to help with the rebuilding efforts that will soon follow. Texans are resilient and strong. They will recover with time and our help.

HealthLink Initiative has pledged that all donations collected through the end of May will be used for the “Rebuild West” fund.